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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>mark: a man found dead after you all slabs into a building in hayward. you can see the debris after the u-haul slammed into the back of a business there. >>jackie sissel:-->>darya: as you wake up this friday morning if the system records today a rom the bay area. >>james: it is nice and clear
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but that also means it will be cool for you you will see widespread metaphor is definitely put a jacket on once you had out the record he that is possible was scheduled like to canada this is the city that could very well and is tied not break some of the old records. sfo 70 that would tie 0 record oakland downtown selma for this a few degrees off the high in the records oakland airport is going to be to agree cheyenne mountain view 73 that tied the old records gilroy 79 was tied the old records here that list will be watching and waiting to get to on the list from yesterday. >>james: 1 once again.
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>>george: we're picking of a little slowing down as is the 6:00 hour no major delays at the bay bridge. the drive times the not horrible is a tool of the 13 metric no real congestion the drive times as we look around the bay if you commit on the east shore freeway easy a 12 minute coming through the all to my past. is the 15 minutes south they ride 101 northbound from highway 85 for the montague expressway. >>darya: president obama is waking up in san francisco this morning. he is talking about
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cyber security at stanford university here is a video as a ride to us down a san francisco yesterday did concede of the officials are there to welcome him. the president has been there since 1975. this year more about this visit from the president. >>will tran: this is his first visit as a balm for as a visit to the bay area's about 1520 visit you the stage is to compress and you can say the room behind this is the overflow room is there to raise money and as the use it does with this particular visit is also here to learn as will the stamford he
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will have our roundtable discussion with business leaders technology leaders law- enforcement to try and improve several security. >>will tran: he also addressed the during the state of the union address here we hear all dame this is not a one time event where he shows up he will give the of the remarks at 1130 but this is a summit and you go well to the day he will try six than on a lot of things unfolding the agenda this is a deep some of this is something we all can benefit not just from the summit will translate into policy >>will tran: the democratic national convention for a lot of those people who want to run for
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office is still almost a purpose meeting this little boy on a lot down several hours. >>darya: the president also said the trick of the sleeve there but to do something and legal the forefront of that. >>will tran: is some worry the as a personal stake. the hidden the presence of 2015. take your to and technology as part of our lives and maybe it will but not a selfish is well. self suffers--selfie >>mark: the president ride not
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confirm my hotel in san francisco. mike pelton: as is the lively characters is san francisco police officers are offering a whole lot of secret service agents really given tile anyone with the journal of the city of the hotel. to look at the video for the president arriving into san francisco last evening at this point there's no word on when he will leave san francisco and its apollo also this morning for safety reasons of course they do not release the information or even give us the estimation of how long it would take forever to get there.
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>>reporter: you might hit heavy traffic in san francisco up whenever he leaves curly upholstery is close to california's sacramento and sacraments as go-between mason and called the california cable warren as the shuttle today. there are everyday people dislike you and me stay here with the president does what the process of to get back to the will tell behind the green restaurant there is a couple guys in white jackets in order for residence our guest to get back into the hotel they have to prove they are staying at the hotel then have to go through a layer of security metal detectors if their bags checked and is a process for people in another presidential run to be here with them.
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>>george: a quick check of traffic on highway 4 in the trip headed the bay point out of pittsburgh this morning this is about the only slow traffic because of an incident it was a card installed was then struck by another vehicle in blocks of land just before will pass road and that is why the traffic is backing up into pits bird not horrible but it is the delay for you're ride this morning in what otherwise be clear yet traffic in this time of the kron 4 mobile application is a free download the works of apple and android the crisis is a great way to keep up-to-date with was happening here or news weather
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and traffic if you had a you know about this incident. >>darya: we know a lot more about this morning the mystery do that has killed hundreds of birds along the east bay shoreline they say it is a combination of various types of oil and animal fat now petroleum oils and silicon fluid to name a few other, or gilts that make the stuff of and they think it will was a gun to the bay waters it turned into this thick do the consistency of dried rubber cement that is was about to burst others will also learn is getting into the bay every day and probably come from storm drains. >>darya: did not know where it is getting into the bay area
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they are looking for the source. >>: when it comes to the variety it can and do in fact about life there is not a plan yet and we need to come to gather as a region to figure out how to respond when it happens in the future. >>darya: 5 reverse is mid january and found dead were suffering along the shoreline. >>mark: no information on what happens to christina brown. who have the other day in 621. >>darya: the bay area is welcome in the president's this morning he is waking up here he has a message for young people is telling them in the wake of understand.
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>>mark: the has switched off the trellis metal into the season because not a lot of snow including the ski ranch in dawn raids last month was the drive january recorded in history--the
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driest januarythe >>james: hiking in the sierra is really fun. there are resource then have the snow come down last week in storm. the lobby actively snowing and the to look like will be actively slowly until quite a while. mild and this is all around the bay area for the foreseeable future beyond the 70 on the bay for fast more on that to come here to we are saying clear cool and allies nice brisk start.
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>>james: 6 livermore and concord 49 and san jose and 46 and san jose. seven days not to sixties even 70 start to come to view and then in muscles out and expose all of the bay area will be springlike all along the bay today. it will feel more like april and may 75 in san jose 76 and the allman valley picture perfect for the santa clara valley and much can be said for the east bay. 59 to 70 will be wonderful and the more sunny with low seventies in the east bay shoreline. and san francisco
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will get in on the action. look for the 60s and low '70's a few clouds will not be impacted us the sunshine will be doing his thing full force is to take a look at the extended out looked it will be nothing but sunny right through the weekend with valentine's day saturday and presents the on monday the weather's going to be on your side. >>george: no hot spots of mold ride around the bay one answer that that will bring in a little congestion on the roadway in the bay bridge is even less to the usual this morning for the west about ride the backed the beginning at the east of the east parking lot is not solidly backed up to there yet. as not really started to slow as a good trip here as you head was bowed also for the golden gate bridge problem free 101, southbound no.
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bob typically on fridays you see a little more northbound traffic and other days of the week. >>george: here at the richmond bridge no problem for the west about ride it will begin to pick up less take a look at what we talked about the drive times still just 12 minutes from the westbound is sure freeway ride in your trip back to 31 minutes for the trip out of antioch into concord is not bad this morning even with this loan incident which was installed westbound just before will pass through the rest up by another vehicle the west about 580 ride looks breakthrough the altamont. picking up a little slow through hayward the south bay freeway looks great 101280 off problem free. >>mark: police major help
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looking for a man as a person of interest they're looking for a 23 year-old man and they say he is the registered owner of a cadillac eldorado that collided with a bare stroke last week of whoever was drive a car drove hot oil from the press site and as when they found the young girl's body. >>: will receive up to the public and open the can help us. it >>mark: they have no idea was tapping during or after the accident. >>darya: we are learning the fbi has launched an investigation into the three muslim college students who were killed and n.c. the killings may be related to a standing dispute over parking to which we have
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reported guest today but neighbors have said they have never had a problem a man his wife and sister-in-law were all killed in the apartment and chapel hill on tuesday now the fbi is looking at the murder and the possibility that it was a hate crime they see this computer from the suspect's home and he expressed at the muslim sentiment something that he is being investigated for but his wife is disputing the claim. >>: a local vigil was held last night to remember the victims of that shooting and chapel hill. >>darya: one of several put together here in the bay area the candlelight ceremony was held from of the m l king library. >>erica: christina brown was involved in a car accident four days before she was from unresponsive and her bathtub to
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one year-old christina brown lost control of her jeep while driving in georgia on jaber returned to seventh with another big coke they collided that injured two people just days later she was sent to the hospital when she was discovered unconscious in the bathtub she is still in a medically induced coma and map every hospital done no plans to remove her from life support. >>mark: still ahead or even an eye on whether in the bay area this morning with a record- breaking temperatures on the way there is a live look from walnut creek right now we want to say i severed just paula to the seven is today and the movie fans have been eagerly relating what critics are saying about 50 shades of gray which hits nationwide today. she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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>>mark: the movie based on the best-selling book by the woman who meets a billionaire so farquhar said the movie is not as sticky as they thought it would be as high as 25 minutes featuring sex scenes. >>jackie sissel: homicide detective and an order are investigating of biting found a chiropractor callers will say what is unusual case coming up
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>>: when they got here they found a u-haul truck backed up to the building with a broken window and debris on the outside of the building so they called the police upon arrival. we checked the area in located deceased male behind the u-haul truck. this was outside of the building and they tried to determine how the mail was deceased. >>: and i can tell you that the corners has shown up and
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they are removing the body from the scene out here of this all happen at 2:00 a.m. this morning. there's no indication whether the call will be open i did make a call to the college and i do not receive a answer are one on the web site in the most clauses are around 730 this morning. there's no indication on whether they're going to open accounts to date or what they will do. i call them to the hayward police department to get more information on what they're trying to piece together here. >>: reporter: if and when we get new details i will get back to you.
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interstate 580 it's remarkable for this hour. there's no slowing of all to my and it will be to the vote won a one north bound at 17 minutes from 85 up to the mining the expressway.
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and the water. they're still trying to figure out how get there.
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list of your services: international airport that is set for 70 today that will tie the old record 0: 74 at which is pretty close. in oakland airport 69 that's within striking distance mountain view 73 that will tie it. 75 in san jose. this will be warm enough to tyrol records.
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the thermometer. the south bay will be 75 or warmer. the east bay is the same story for you opera sixties to low seventies for the east a valleys. oakland will be seeing 74 in san for cisco getting to the 70 degree murder. -- temperatures. the clouds est will stay out of the area.
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north a pound and it's all slowing building and on one no way north that has been the easy 17 to 18 minutes drive time. no. they conditions are great were looking at the bridges their bay bridge ride is not backed up into the mcarthur maze .
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could give him directions she actually recognize the guy from a month ago when she said that he as to the same question.
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egyptian court has not decided whether there are going to import bobbie.
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he majored takeover would humans with their because you never knock people act on the freeway when they see something that's supposed to be there.
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